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About the Author

Tom Barker is a principal in Process Design consultants, a firm committed to improving client results by bringing thinking to life.

"Leadership For Results helped me in 'finding the right place in my brain' ... I discovered that behaviors I had been using unconsciously had sometimes not been used correctly. All problems or issues or even new projects or innovations, if approached with [Barker's] wise sense and techniques, will certainly be more successful."
Davide Drocco
Executive Vice-President

Over the past two decades, he has helped a wide variety of private and public sector organizations in North America and Europe change the way they conduct their business. Typically this has involved working with CEOs, executives, management teams, project teams, and internal change agents, such as HR. Some of the industries he's worked in include packaging, forest products, pharmaceuticals, industrial distribution, retailing, financial services, food production, computer systems, provincial government, city governments, healthcare, professional associations, and charitable organizations. Barker earned a Ph.D. from Manchester University, is a senior member of the American Society for Quality, and is a graduate of Mastercoach Mike Jay's B\Coach executive coaching program. He has published numerous articles and been a frequent conference speaker.

Tom Barker

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