Leadership for Results

Readers' Viewpoints

It's great to hear from people from around the world who have read the book. I particularly enjoy hearing thoughts and experiences that provide insights into key aspects of leadership as described in Leadership for Results. For instance:

While I appreciate all correspondence and will do my utmost to respond to everyone who contacts me, I can only post a few short extracts on this page.

"I am a Washington State Quality Award Senior examiner. There are too many executives out there who revel in disruptions and initiatives that affect the entire company negatively. Leadership may involve "style", however it is not style alone that makes a successful leader, its much more about communication, buy-in, data and alignment. "
"While I currently work in academia, I have more than 18 years of experience in industry, including time as an executive leader.I would recommend to readers that they not focus exclusively on finding their own executives in the (bad) examples, but rather seek to apply the points to leadership at their level in the organization and use the information to better understand and manage their bosses. "
"I have held many positions in the Pharmaceutical industry including hourly employee, individual contributor, supervisor, manager and project/team leader. I have experienced many failures and some successes throughout this time, while gaining much experience and understanding in what works and what doesn't. Good leadership and strategic planning works; poor leadership or no leadership, does not work. Leadership behaviour can make or break a company and/or its workforce. People are starved for "solid leadership" and this book provides the vision and minimum requirements for the job. "
"I have been in a leadership role for 25 years, have an MBA and am always looking for ways to improve my leadership style. I believe that leading people involves building relationships with those you lead and those who interact with those you lead. Good to sit down (with this book), especially when results of our leadership are disappointing and we want to reflect on how our leadership style contributes to the outcomes. "
"I have spent 40 plus years in the US Air Force, Navy, NASA and with major aerospace contractors. Most of the time there is no "low hanging fruit", but instead an accumulation of seemingly small issues that impede getting to difficult decisions until catastrophe looms. The book will benefit anyone trying to influence large organizations to solve problems."
mine shaft

"An unexpected discovery of the power of give and take in working relationships was made in a mine midway through the 20th century."


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