Leadership for Results

About The Book

Leadership For Results: Removing Barriers to Success for People, Projects, and Processes
Tom Barker

It is widely recognized that leadership is a critical factor in enabling any organization to adapt to its environment through implementing strategy, thereby surviving and thriving. This book takes research from a diverse range of fields on human behavior and distills it down into three themes in which leadership behavior is vital. Author Tom Barker labels these three themes Intentions, Influence, and Information, and their typical actions are described and illustrated by examples.

Readers are taught how to achieve common purposes, collective decisions, and credible results. Leadership For Results is aimed not only at executives but all managers responsible for implementing strategy, including their advisors in areas like Human Resources, Information Technology, Quality and Finance. It is applicable to organizations large and small, in the private sector, public sector, and not-for-profit

Getting the Book

If you have not yet got a copy of the book, Leadership for Results, here are the details

Leadership for Results, Removing Barriers to Success for People, Projects and Processes by Tom Barker, published by ASQ Quality Press 2005 is available from:

USA - www.asq.org or www.amazon.com.

Canada - www.amazon.ca or www.booksforbusiness.com or in person at Books for Business in downtown Toronto (120 Adelaide street west).

UK - www.ihsatp.com.

Leadership for Results by Tom Barker

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