Leadership for Results

Facilitation available from the author

Want some help from the author to implement the ideas in Leadership for Results ?

The following facilitation services are available from Tom Barker to assist you

Get inspired about leadership

Have Tom bring the powerful insights of Leadership for Results to your group function. This 1 hour interactive presentation gives your group the inspiring messages of the book and leaves them believers in their own ability to provide leadership.

Strengthening leadership at team level

Have Tom work with you and your team to understand how you can use leadership skills to take your organizational performance to the next level. This 1 day workshop uses Leadership for Results to open your team's eyes to new opportunities to add more value to your organization. Understand your own unique leadership strengths better.

Making work better

Have Tom bring his expertise and skills to your workplace to help you define the ground rules you need to work collaboratively and effectively. In this intervention Tom uses Leadership for Results as a body of knowledge to assist you to define principles and guidelines for critical cross-functional processes and projects with buy-in of all stakeholders.

Changing the environment

Let Tom help you take the most fundamental step in improving leadership, consistent closed-loop communication between leaders and staff. This unique process described in Leadership for Results uses the principles of self-management and the power of open, direct, face-to-face communication to discover what needs to change and modify behaviour all in one direct cycle. Changes in perceptions, attitudes and behaviour are tracked via reports produced as a by-product of hundreds of short focused communication meetings.

Contact me via email for more details or to assess the best steps for your organization.

florence nightingale

"Florence Nightingale brought the facts about public health risks in hospitals to the world's attention."


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